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Dave Beck
Frank Di Sario
Stephen Magnusson
Tim Neal

featuring special guests
Carl Pannuzzo & Geoff Achison

Cultures are created through the kinship of communities. Through experiencing life together, sharing interests, energy and desires, unique community groups generate new languages, art forms and traditions. Musically in particular, the sounds that one hears while growing up, and the music they play with others directly influences the sound that they will eventually make. The longer that process of sharing continues amongst friends, a common musical language and dialect will emerge.

Kinfolk is a musical project that explores the roots and origins of individual musical tastes, and reflects on the influence of community creation while developing personal playing styles. Comprised of a band of friends including Dave Beck, Frank Di Sario, Stephen Magnusson and Tim Neal, and featuring special guests Carl Pannuzzo and Geoff Achison, Kinfolk celebrates the origins of each members’ musical taste and the influence they each had on each other. All accomplished and versatile musicians, composers and improvisers in their own right, many grew up both listening to popular music and playing music together. While not specifically rooted in any one style, the group acknowledges the influence of blues, roots, and groove-based music on their performance as contemporary improvisers and working musicians, all of which can be heard within Kinfolk. In turn, it further explores what can be best described as an ‘Australian sound’ in improvised and contemporary music, celebrating the unity with pulse and groove that can be found within Australia’s musical culture.

Kinfolk launches at the Northcote Social Club in October 2014 before performing at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. Tickets and info here.

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